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Fine Art

Why have art in your life?

Fine art prints afford you to have eclectic pieces to bring color into your life. Whether for your home or the forward-thinking office setting. It is a proven fact, art speaks to you.

These paintings will be available as fine art prints on canvas or acrylic.


This painting is based on the notion that every action has a reaction and every good deed is coming back to reward you. Likewise, bad actions tend to return. The torus knot has no beginning and no end signifying the never-ending cycles in our lives. Be kind to each other.

Acrylic on raw canvas

Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box encourages creativity and new beginnings. Note how the person sitting is reaching a flower which is outside of the perimeter of the faint encompassing box. All too often we feel confined by borders holding us back while in reality, the restrictions are only in our mind.

Acrylic on raw canvas

Let the sunshine in

No mater social status, creed or age, we all go through adverse times now and then. To lift up our spirits we need to let the sunshine in.

Oil on raw canvas

Moving on

This painting is a continuation of “Let the sunshine in”. Adversity leads to new beginnings. Ridding the mind of sorrow and stepping into the next opportunity.

Acrylic on raw canvas

Original 72" x 48" in private collection

Private function life

This is the world’s first painting encompassing computer code as part of the theme. What does the code describe? We are all given a random time to live. Presumably between 0 and 150 years. When our time is up, the function is spent and life returned. Without any religious connotation we humans have a sense of justice. Still, we are floating in the universe trying to understand our very existence. Is someone watching over us? Or are we just life for a fleeting moment?

Acrylic on raw canvas

Original 62" x 72" in private collection