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18 k Gold Panther Sculpted 18 Yellow Gold Panther Necklace
18K Gold Smile Sculpted 18K Yellow Gold Smile Necklace
18k Gold Half Moon Necklace 18K Yellow Gold Tranquility Necklace modern style
18K Gold Trumpet Chain 18K Yellow Gold Trumpet link
18K yellow gold with peridot Sculpted 18K Yellow Gold Necklace with Peridot
18K Gold and Sterling Silver- Man Hanging On 18K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Necklace with Chyso Beryl
18K Gold and Sterling Silver with Ruby - Hold on to my heart 18K Yellow Gold and Sculpted Sterling Silver with Ruby
18K yellow Gold with precious wallnut wood 18K Yellow Gold and Precious Walnut Wood
18K yellow Gold and Sterling Silver set in blue Topaz - On top of the world
Omega in Sterling Silver Hand Made
Sterling Silver spilt elipse - gold plated
Sterling silver necklace -  goddess hand made
Sterling silver circle of life - hand made
Sterling silver triangle
Sterling silver - Wisdom
Sterling Silver - Virtuoso
Sterling silver Adonis
Sterling silver lips
Sterling silver pillar
Sterling silver heart
Sterling Silver Connoisseur
Sterling silver compaisson
18K yellow gold ring - Sunny Day - Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, Garnet
18K yellow and white gold ring - Heart with Arrow
18K yellow and white gold - Harlquin ring
18K yellow and whit gold Wave ring
18K yellow gold ring - Orchid
18K yellow gold ring with Ruby - Organic
18K yellow gold ring - Golf
18K yellow gold earrings with Peridot and Citrine
18K yellow earrings with Ruby (Rubies)  Zeus
18K yellow gold errings with 2 diamonds - Orchid
18K yellow gold shell earrings with two diamonds - Shell
18K yellow horse pin
18K yellow gold with diamond - Dream Catcher
18K yellow gold with yellow Saphire - Peace
Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Bycyclist - Lance Armstrong
Sterling silver with 18k Yellow gold hoop - Sax Fusion
Sterling silver with 18K yellow gold hoop - Trumpet Scape